Why countless people all over the world are flocking to ...
The 3-Minute
"Wellness in a Glass!"

The Phenomenon that Helps Prevent or Reverse Disease ... Lets You Lose Excess Weight ... Boosts Energy ... Enhances Well-Being
... and Could Make You Look and Feel Younger ...
in less than 30 days!

et me tell you the story of an amazing health miracle.  The story is about a man named Clent Manich who used to be seriously ill, and on the brink of death ... but whose life was absolutely transformed simply by taking the 3-Minute "Wellness in a Glass."  In this article, you'll discover how you, too, can transform your health using this phenomenon -- no matter what your health condition may be right now.

     Clent Manich is a Costco employee from Medford, Oregon.  A few years ago, he weighed 447 pounds.  He had struggled with excess weight all his life, and before long, he developed acute pancreatitis.  He also suffered from Type II diabetes, with blood sugar over 600 ... and his triglycerides were over 6,000!  His doctors told him ...
"You're going to die."

     Because Clent was expected to die, his wife was told to get the family together and get Clent's affairs in order.  Clent went into deep depression, which caused him to gain even more weight -- and made his health deteriorate further .

     One day, Clent met a health practitioner named "Doctor D" who taught him how he could turn his health around and save himself from certain death.  Because he was willing to try anything to save his life, Clent followed Doctor D's advice ... but was not prepared for what was about to happen.

Clent Manich     In just 3 weeks, through simple lifestyle and diet changes, he was able to overcome his diabetes, and was completely off insulin and all his medications!  In 14 weeks, he lost 100 pounds -- and he eventually dropped 226 pounds in one year, and has never regained the weight.  The excess skin he had prior to his weight loss shrank naturally with no hanging (or sagging) skin whatsoever. 

     Best of all, Clent's energy skyrocketed, and his health made a remarkable 180-degree turnaround!

     What exactly did Doctor D tell Clent that became the "prescription" for reversing Clent's health problems, enabling him to lose all his excess weight effortlessly, and restoring him to perfect health?

     When you read this article in its entirety, you will discover the most exciting health phenomenon you've ever encountered.  Whether you're someone who wants to ... 
[Check all that apply to you]

     Support the natural reversal of virtually any disease and health problem that you or your loved ones are currently suffering from -- or prevent them from occurring  ...

     Look and feel decades younger than your biological age -- have more energy than you've ever had before, and enhance your sense of well-being ... or

Lose all your excess weight -- even stubborn weight you've struggled with for years ...

     ... you will learn the simplest and easiest 3-minute habit you can adopt that can revolutionize your health -- and help you accomplish all of the above in less than 30 days.

The New "Prescription":  Drink a Glass of This and Call Me in the Morning

here may come a time in the near future when instead of writing a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug, a doctor may hand you a recipe for your health condition -- and you would get better without drugs, surgery or medical treatment.

     If this sounds like fantasy to you, I ask you to suspend your disbelief -- and let me prove to you that simple recipes can indeed be the "prescription" that transforms your health in 30 days or less.  I'll even reveal to you Clent Manich's exact recipe that resulted in his health miracle.

     My name is Jadah Sellner.  In July 2011, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at the Beverly Hills office of Underground Health Reporter.  I worked side by side with its editor, Danica Collins, on the production of the weekly e-newsletter that has hundreds of thousands of readers.  

     On the first morning of my internship, Danica prepared "breakfast" for me that was completely different from the usual bacon-and-eggs, pancakes or cereal breakfasts most people have.  Little did I know ... that day's breakfast would change my life forever. 

     Danica put 5 different fruits into a blender.  Then, she added a handful of 2 kinds of green leafy vegetables and a cup of water.  She then pressed a button on her blender and in 23 seconds flat, a green drink was created.  It took no more than 3 minutes from start to finish.

     She poured the green concoction into a glass and said, "Here it is -- a green smoothie!  Drink up!"

     My head was spinning.  "A green what?" I asked, staring blankly at the green smoothie which didn't look appetizing to me at all.  I had never had one before, and I was secretly craving a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs!

     "A green smoothie ..." she repeated, "...60% of it is organic fruit and 40% is organic green vegetables."  She called it the 3-minute "Wellness in a Glass," and said, "If you have one of these everyday, it's almost impossible to get a chronic disease."

     Who was I to doubt her?  She is Danica Collins, after all -- the Editor of the famed Underground Health Reporter e-newsletter and popular portal website of the same name, with countless followers from all over the world.  She's also a bestselling author of health and wellness books, and she's made it her life's work to help people become healthy and heal virtually all diseases. 

     Danica said she drinks these green smoothies every single day, and if you saw her, she's the picture of radiant health, vitality and everlasting youth.  She looks 20 years younger than her biological age -- and I've never known her to get sick, even during flu season. 

     The idea of being perfectly healthy and never having a chronic disease appealed to me.  I'd be willing to do almost anything if it meant I would never suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes
These are the diseases that the World Health Organization (WHO) referred to as the "preventable, noncommunicable diseases of under- and mal-nutrition."

     But looking at the green smoothie that Danica handed to me, I thought, 'It probably tastes awful.'   Not wishing to offend her, I took a few (cautious!) sips of the green smoothie.

     To make a long story short, I was hooked at first sip! 

     The green smoothie was so surprisingly delicious and naturally sweet that I forgot it was actually good for my health.  It tasted like a treat I would've ordered for myself at a restaurant!

     As Danica sipped on a glass of green smoothie herself, she went on to say ...

"Drinking green smoothies is the single most health-enhancing,
weight-reducing, detoxifying, healthy aging and healing support
habit you can ever adopt."

WARNING:  Not Just Any Smoothie Will Do!

     A "green smoothie" consists of 60% organic fruits (fresh or frozen) and 40% organic green leafy vegetables, blended well in a high-powered blender, sometimes with a cup of liquid.  It is not to be confused with the fruit smoothies or shakes or fruit/vegetable juices sold in juice bars or restaurants, which don't have the nutritional and therapeutic benefits that green smoothies have. 

Unlike fruit and vegetable juices, green smoothies are a complete food because they contain beneficial fiber (while juices discard the fiber).  Fruit juices are notorious for spiking your body's insulin levels, and they often lead to an increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  (See  sidebar titled Why Green Smoothies are Superior to Juices)

     It takes only about 3 minutes to prepare a green smoothie

fter my internship with Danica ended, I became an enthusiastic green smoothies fan.  I drank at least one or two glasses everyday -- not for health reasons, but because they tasted so good.  Even my daughter LOVED the green smoothies I made for her, and so did my husband.

     I began doing my own extensive research on the nutritional and therapeutic values of green smoothies.  I was astounded by the amazing amount of information that prove that green smoothies may indeed be the new "prescription" for healing all the health problems of the modern world! 

     I also came across the well-documented case of Clent Manich, who owes his 226-pound weight loss and the reversal of his diabetes and pancreatitis to green smoothies.

     Then, I was shocked by what happened next!

     While drinking green smoothies everyday, I lost 27 pounds -- without even trying!  My picture (left) was taken in July 2011 at the house of Danica Collins; and the other picture (right) was taken 3 months later (October 2011)!   ==>

     Plus, I found that drinking green smoothies gave me an incredible amount of energy.  Even though I had so many demands on my time -- a busy job, a household to manage, a busy social life, and an active daughter I had to keep up with -- I always had an abundant supply of energy and never felt exhausted.

     I also felt an extraordinary sense of well-being, and everywhere I went, people marveled at my transformation, and told me how much younger I looked.  My health improved dramatically -- and my mood swings in the morning, as well as my cravings for unhealthy, processed or junk food disappeared almost overnight.  All the health problems I used to suffer from ... just vanished!

     I happily told everyone about green smoothies.  One of them was my friend Jen Hansard.  Jen is a busy woman, too, and she's married with 2 children.  After I introduced her to the "green smoothies habit," she, too, experienced a remarkable improvement in her health and the health of her entire family!  She no longer craved fast food (at all!), was able to easily reduce her unhealthy dairy intake -- and she lost 10 pounds!

     But Jen's and my exciting green smoothie adventure didn't end there.  That was just the beginning.

People All Over the World Were Being Transformed
in 30 Days!

ithin a period of a few months, after assembling a website featuring the green smoothie research we had compiled, as well as a variety of kitchen-tested recipes, Jen and I became known as the leading "green smoothie evangelists" on the Internet.  Almost overnight, we've amassed the largest number of online followers consisting of green smoothie aficionados!  Take a look at the  astounding number of avid fans in our green smoothies social network:

More than 4 million visits to our green smoothies website
190,322  Instagram followers
53,614  Facebook friends

     Jen and I were so convinced that any person -- man, woman or child -- could experience a health transformation by just drinking green smoothies everyday for 30 days.

     So here's what we did:  We invited our website visitors, Facebook friends and Instagram followers to join our "30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge" for free.

     Much to our surprise, 56,148 people from around the world signed up to join the 30-day challenge.  Jen and I provided the kitchen-tested green smoothie recipes.  Many of the recipes included functional foods -- that is, fruits and vegetables that have the power to support normal response to diseases.  And all that people had to do was spend 3 minutes a day making the smoothies, and drink them once or twice a day for 30 days.

     Within a few days and weeks, Jen's and my e-mail boxes were flooded with letters from people who were ecstatic about the results they were getting!  People of all ages ranging from teenagers to thirty-somethings ... to baby boomers and seniors were sending in amazing reports of weight loss, alleviation of diseases, and health restoration.  Here are just a few of what appear to us to be typical of the range of responses from the thousands of rave reviews  we've received on how green smoothies have transformed people's lives:

Colonoscopy Shows This Man's Insides Are Clean!

"I'm thankful for your wonderful green smoothies recipes.  My husband who has been diagnosed with colon cancer last November has been doing the greens  ... I can say that it has helped tremendously.  He looks great and nurses say that he doesn't look like he is sick.  I make him smoothies for breakfast every day ... This week he had a colonoscopy, and his gastroenterologist says that his insides are clean!!!" --  Mary Ann De Ocera

"I've Lost 25 Pounds and Still Going!"

“Green smoothies have completely changed my life.  When I first started I was 40 pounds overweight, sluggish, and hated eating healthy.  After just 3 days of drinking nothing but green smoothies, I had a completely different outlook on life.  And now, 3 months later of eating healthy, I have the energy to want to exercise, I've lost 25 pounds and still going!  I’ve never had the will to do any form of exercise whatsoever and now it's like I’m a completely different person!" -- Alex D’Andrea Peoria

Doctor Shocked Over Amazingly Low Triglycerides
-- and Green Smoothies for Friend with Cancer

"In terms of how drinking green smoothies has helped me ... during my last regular doctor's check-up, the number for my Triglyceride level was normalized, and amazingly low—so much so my doctor was in disbelief.  She said that never has one of her patients had a number that low, not even her!  Of course all of my other numbers were fantastic as well.  I have also introduced green smoothies to my office by sharing specific information that I receive from you and I sometimes bring in a green smoothie to a fellow employee as a treat for her to take with a powdered version of wheatgrass that she takes and she loves it!" -- Sharon Franklin

Lost 20 Pounds in 2 Months!

"A vegan friend of mine introduced me to your Green Smoothie Challenge.  In a nutshell, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.  I've also been spurred into joining a few competitions like 10Ks and a triathlon."  -- George Cheung

Increased Energy, Weight Loss, Clearer Eyes,
Softer Skin

“Being over 60, since starting green smoothies, I have noticed increased energy, weight loss, clearer eyes, softer skin to name a few.  However, most important it is a way to get greens into my husband who is 67 and lost a kidney last year to cancer.  I feel so good about this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  -- Mary

Lost Weight, No More Eczema, Tons of Energy!

"I have learned and tried so many new things since starting the 30-day challenge.  I've lost weight, my skin looks amazing, my eczema is finally under control and I have tons more energy.  I've also begun looking at food differently.  Junk food doesn't appeal to me anymore and my chronic sweet tooth doesn't rule my life anymore. -- Candy Widner

Diabetic Loses 20 Pounds
-- Loves Smoothies with Least Impact on Blood Sugar

"Early in 2013, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes.  Sitting in the doctor's office hearing the news, I couldn't help but cry.  My doctor wanted me to change my diet.    Luckily, I was smart enough to acknowledge I needed something more than a fad diet. I needed a LIFESTYLE change.  A friend introduced me to the notion of Green Smoothies.  I'll be honest ... looking at a batch of 'green goo' made me furl my eyes and nose.  Yet, with that first sip, I had an instant reaction.  "Wow, this is actually good!"  This led to participation in my first 30-Day Challenge.  To date, I have lost just short of 20lbs.  While there are other changes I made to my diet, I attribute 90% of my results to Green Smoothies.  I replace one of my main meals with a Green Smoothie.  And then I focus on foods that have the least impact on my blood sugar -- which is critical when living with Diabetes." -- M. Pierce

Anemia Gone After Drinking Green Smoothies!

"I've dropped 16 pounds since January first, which is fun. But the best part is how I feel.  A complication from gastric-bypass surgery ... permanently damaged my intestines, causing difficulty with nutrient absorption.  I would take fistfuls of supplements each day and see little to no results.  Finally, doctors decided on an aggressive course of action involving vitamin shots and iron infusions.  This spring is the first time in four years that I didn't have to go in for iron infusions.  My hemoglobin, red cell count and iron levels are higher now than immediately after my last infusion.  That means that in a few months, I may no longer be considered anemic!  Thank you both, Jen and Jadah, for all you do to pour into your online community.  Words could never express the level of appreciation and gratitude I have for you." -- Tonya Kubo, Merced, California

Cancer Sufferer Recovering Better Than Expected!

“Being 22 and a college student makes it difficult to keep up with healthy eating habits.  All of that had to change when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to deal with chemotherapy.  With green smoothies I maintained normalized blood levels throughout my treatment and am now recovering better than I could have expected!  I’m loving the new healthier me!" -- Ann H.

Professional Athlete Loves Awesome Recipes

"I'm a professional athlete and it (green smoothie challenge) has completely changed the way I train and stay fit.  I wish I would have been doing this since college ... who knows the difference it could have made.  Nevertheless, I love the awesome recipes and smoothie choices!  -- Toccara Ross

"I've Lost 15 Pounds ... and My Skin is Glowing!"

"Since starting the green smoothie challenge, I've lost 15lbs!  I simply replace two of my meals a day with a 20oz homemade green smoothie.  Not only have I lost weight, I have energy when I get up for work in the morning, my skin is clearer and glowing and I'm an all around happier person since starting this challenge.  I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this!  Your recipes were easy to duplicate.  I will DEFINITELY be involved in the next challenge." -- Azaria Drakeford

Breast Cancer Survivor Overcomes
Hormonal Mood swings

"As a 33 year old single mother of 2, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it (Green Smoothie Challenge) changed my life.  After 2 surgeries, the cancer was gone but the emotional baggage remained.  Over the last year, I found myself crying and becoming overwhelmed almost daily.  My oncologist said it was hormonal and can be resolved with meds.  I refused.  When looking for ways to deal with it, I ran across your green smoothie site. I entered and have been having one every morning. I haven’t had one if those episodes since the end of March and this is the only change I’ve made.  I am already a winner because green smoothies have truly helped me change my life.  My kids have even noticed the difference. Thanks a million!" -- Mia

Lost 15 Pounds in 3 Weeks -- Will Do This for Life!

Green Smoothie"Starting Dec. 31, I found out about the simple green smoothies challenge.  (PS: never made a green smoothie in my life.)  I can proudly say I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks!  My green smoothies and eating healthy is definitely not a temporary thing, it’s a lifetime thing.  Thank You ... you guys are awesome!” -- Daniel Mateo

ADHD Sufferer Able to Focus Better

"I started drinking green smoothies 3 weeks ago when I saw the challenge on Facebook.  In just a few weeks I notice my skin has a glow to it.  I can also focus better.  I have been self diagnosed ADHD since I was in college, but I find I am able to focus better and pay attention longer.  I love green smoothies!  Definitely a life changer!" -- Beth Sherwood

61-Year-Old Woman Loses 11 Stubborn Pounds
-- Looks and Feels Her Best!

"I love love love my smoothies!  I've lost 11 pounds since I started following you girls.  I had lost 10 previously but stalled and nothing moved me off that spot.  I feel great and look much better!  P.S. I'm 61+.  I tell everyone it's never too late to feel and look your best!"  -- Vida

Anemia Patient No Longer Needs Iron Pills!

"I'm anemic.  It's rather worrying with the whole daily headaches, suddenly going really pale, getting so dizzy I fall, suddenly being out of breath, finding it hard to breath, my breathing stopping entirely for almost a half minute ... So, I basically have very little iron in my diet.  When my mum found out that I had found you guys online, what made her happy was that the green smoothie is packed with iron (from the green leafy veggies).  I tried out a green smoothie and loved it.  She said, 'With this, you may never need your iron pills!  I'm so glad you're drinking this.'" -- Samantha James

Dropped 4 Jean Sizes and Lost 15 Pounds!

"Yes I did it!!!  So proud of myself and I'm going to continue this healthy lifestyle!!!  I lost 15 lbs, dropped from a size 18 jeans to 14 - 16 !!  I'm still even in awe!!!" -- Tafara Anderson

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56,148 People Can't All Be Wrong!

he extreme popularity of green smoothies has reached record levels in recent years.  As you sit there reading this, I'm sure you're beginning to realize why countless people like you are joining the green smoothies bandwagon. 

     As evidenced by the 56,148 people in our social network who have made it a daily habit to drink a green smoothie or two, it's apparent that green smoothies have become an essential component of a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of green smoothies are obvious:

1)  Amazing Taste - Green smoothies are delicious, especially when you use the kitchen-tested recipes presented in The Simple Green Smoothie Solution.

2)  Super-Nutritious - Green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get your body's nutrient quota of fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  They have the power to ...
* support health restoration ...
* improve your physical appearance significantly ...
 * enhance your sense of well-being ...
* and transform your life!

3)  Easy and Convenient - It takes an average of only 3 minutes to prepare a green smoothie (or a little more, if you use more ingredients).

4)  Inexpensive - The ingredients in each serving cost between $1.50 to $2.50, depending on the green smoothie recipe you choose.   Imagine spending only $1.50 to $2.50 to get "the most nutritious meal on earth!" 

     The health of every adult, adolescent or child -- even an infant -- can benefit tremendously from a daily intake of green smoothies.  So the only question remaining is this

When do you want to transform your health -- and your life?

     The best way to answer that question is by identifying your health concerns below.  [Check all health conditions that you or your loved ones suffer from] 

Aging Low Energy Cancer Excess Weight or Obesity
Memory Loss Joint Pain Allergies Cardiovascular Health
Diabetes Hearing Loss Pancreatitis Vision Problems
Anemia Constipation Eczema Heartburn/Acid Reflux
Depression Heart Disease Fatigue Immune System Disorders

     If you checked one or more of the above, you owe it to yourself to adopt the green smoothie habit now.  Your health transformation is only 30 days away.

     In November 2012, Danica Collins, who was amazed by Jen's and my extraordinary health transformations -- as well as the huge green smoothie fan base we had amassed on the Web -- urged us to write a book about green smoothies.  She said that every person and every family must have such a book in their home because, as she had said to me back in 2011:

     "Drinking green smoothies is the single most health-enhancing, weight-reducing, healing, detoxifying and anti-aging habit you can ever adopt."

     Thus, Jen and I began writing the book titled, The Simple Green Smoothie Solution -- and it's finally completed!  In this book, which is published by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing (the publisher of bestselling books like The One Minute Cure and Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures), we present the amazing health benefits and therapeutic attributes of green smoothies.  When you own The Simple Green Smoothie Solution, you'll be able to:

*  Age gracefully -- look and feel young again!
   *  Shed unwanted pounds naturally
*  Benefit from the cancer-risk reduction of better nutrition!
*  Enhance your heart health through green smoothies' heart-protecting nutrients
*  Support normal blood sugar
*  Turbo-charge your immune system, so you can recover from illness faster, and prevent disease from invading your body in the first place!
*  Boost your energy and improve your mental alertness and brain power
*  Detoxify and cleanse your body
*  Improve mood and alleviate sadness
*  Reduce stress
*  Increase your intake of dietary fiber, which helps with proper digestion ... absorption of "bad" cholesterol ... stabilization of blood glucose levels ... prevention of constipation and hemorrhoids ...  appetite control ... and cleansing the gut.

     The Simple Green Smoothie Solution also includes a step-by-step guide to creating your own delicious recipes using the most nutrient-dense ingredients.  We also present 49 "super" green smoothie recipes that are not only delicious, but also provide powerful healing benefits.  These "prescription" recipes
which go beyond fruits and vegetables (to include herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and superfoods) are kitchen-tested to taste great.  They also have optimum nutritional values that deliver health results like those of Clent Manich and our countless followers on the Web.  Recipes include the following:

==> Fat-burning and weight loss recipes
==> Recipes for reducing stress, enhancing energy
==> Memory and brain-boosting recipes
==> Immunity-boosting recipes
==> Recipes for graceful aging and beauty
==> Diabetic-friendly and banana-free recipes
==> Recipes for detoxifying the body
==> Pre- and post-workout recipes

Mood Elevates,
Energy Level Goes Through the Roof!

     Danica's friend, Margo, became an avid green smoothies enthusiast when she visited her sister, Mallory.  Mallory saw that Margo was exhausted and was in a depressed mood, so she gave her a green smoothie to drink.  Immediately after consuming the smoothie, Margo's energy level increased and her mood was elevated.  That got her hooked on the green smoothie habit

     From that day on, Margo began making green smoothies every morning -- for herself and her kids.  Her energy level went through the roof, and in a few weeks' time, without making any other changes in her diet, she had shed so much weight that she was able to fit into her teenage daughter's jeans!  Margo, 51, and her two sisters (aged 55 and 57), always used to struggle with the middle-age "bulge" -- but the green smoothies made their excess weight melt away effortlessly

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You Should Send for The Simple Green Smoothie Solution -- Risk-Free!

en and I are so excited to see what amazing things can happen to your health once you adopt the green smoothie habit the way we did -- and the way tens of thousands of others have done after they followed our lead.  Now is the time to experience your best health ever -- and discover the new "prescription" for living a life that's free of disease and sickness, and a life of well-being and longevity. 

     Your investment in The Simple Green Smoothie Solution is less than half the cost of a dinner for two at a fine restaurant.  And yet this book guarantees to give you all the recipes you need for "the most nutritious meal on earth" -- that is, green smoothies!  

     Because Danica Collins and our book's publisher, Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, are convinced that The Simple Green Smoothie Solution should be in every household, they're willing to give you this Special Introductory Offer:

Simple Green Smoothie Solution book imageThe Simple Green Smoothie Solution Combo Special (a 33% savings) – Includes:

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      In this groundbreaking report, you'll learn everything you need to know about age-fighting, disease-fighting, stamina-boosting superfoods that can change your life.   Discover . . .

* The Superfood that contains 7,000 times the graceful aging power than any other plant source!
* The Superfood considered to be nature's "most nearly perfect" whole food!
* The Superfood the World Health Organization wants for the most malnourished regions of the world!
* The Superfood that packs a whopping 90 essential nutrients!
... And MORE!

==>  Your FREE Bonus - Downloadable Special Report - The Exact Recipe That Made Clent Manich Lose 227 Pounds -- and Beat Diabetes and Pancreatitis

The Simple Green Smoothie Solution E-Book only (NOT a physical book / Electronic book only – suitable for PC and Mac

     Plus, you’re protected by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing's unconditional 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction.  You must be thrilled with the life-changing information you receive from this book – or you get your money back!

     That's right!  You have a full 30 days to review the information in
The Simple Green Smoothie Solution.  If you aren’t convinced that the information you’ve received has the potential to literally transform your health from head to toe ... you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.  You will get 100% of your purchase price refunded – no questions asked.  And you can keep your free bonus report – Life, Longevity And Youth Through Superfoods – as our thank-you for giving The Simple Green Smoothie Solution a try!

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Push a Button ... and Your Health is Transformed in 30 Days?

hat if you could push a button ... and from that day forward your health started improving significantly ... and you began to lose all your unwanted weight ... and you started looking younger and feeling more energetic ... and in 30 days, you looked and felt better than you have in years?   ==>

     Is there such a button, you ask?

     Yes, there is.  But that button is not on your computer keyboard.  It's on the blender that you'll use to make your green smoothies!

     I recall that fateful day in 2011 when Danica Collins pressed the button on her blender -- and 23 seconds later, she handed me my first green smoothie.

     Thirty days later, I was completely transformed -- inside and out --- because I got into the habit of drinking green smoothies every day.  And in 3 months, my physical transformation was so dramatic that friends and relatives could hardly recognize me.  And now, 2 years later ... the transformation in me has been no less miraculous than the amazing transformation Clent Manich underwent ... simply by drinking green smoothies.

     And because my friend, Jen Hansard, and I have dared to share our green smoothie adventure with the world, tens of thousands of people all over the world are being transformed, too.

     So go ahead.  I dare you to press that button on your blender -- and make your first green smoothie for yourself using one of the recipes shown in The Simple Green Smoothie Solution.  If you're anything like me, you'll be instantly addicted to the healthiest and most delicious health habit on earth!  Then, you can imagine yourself 30 days from now ... transformed!

     Remember:  Nothing happens until you press that button on your blender.  But before you press that button, click on the button below first.  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Who Doesn't Have 3 Minutes to Achieve Extraordinary Health?

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step"
-- Lao-tzu, 604 B.C., Ancient Chinese philosopher and author of
the Chinese classic text, Tao Te Ching

here's no doubt about it.  The green smoothies health phenomenon is sweeping the globe.  The lives of people just like you are being changed literally overnight -- and countless individuals of all ages are achieving the highest levels of health and wellness.  And they're doing it in just 3 minutes a day.

     So there's no longer any excuse not to have radiant health, well-being and longevity.  And there's no longer a reason to dread the aches, pains and diseases that normally plague people when they get older.  No matter what condition your health is in right now, no matter how much excess weight you might have -- all that could change with the 3-minute "Wellness in a Glass."

     In less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee, you're done nourishing your body with a green smoothie!

     And who doesn't have 3 minutes?  No matter how busy life tends to be, everyone has 3 minutes to spare for the promise of health and a disease-free life.

     As the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tzu, wrote:  A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."  Take that step today and make yourself a green smoothie.  That's all you have to do.  Take a sip, and if you don't like it, you can always quit.

     But I'm willing to bet that once you've tried your first green smoothie, you'll never quit.  Green smoothies will become a lifelong habit because you won't want to be without them.  You'll LOVE how green smoothies will transform you into a brand new and much improved version of yourself!

Here's a toast to your health (a green smoothie toast, that is!),

Jadah Sellner       Jen Hansard
Simple Green Smoothies, LLC

P.S.  Your health and well-being all comes down to the choices you make.  Adopting the green smoothie habit is as easy as replacing some of your present activities with a healthier alternative.    Instead of brewing a cup of coffee, make a green smoothie.  Instead of having a breakfast of ham and eggs or pancakes, have a green smoothie "breakfast."  Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips or an unhealthy snack, reach for a green smoothie.  Before long, your green smoothie habit will become automatic.  And your body will thank you for it!

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= = = = =

SIDEBAR #1:  With Green Smoothies, It May Be Almost Impossible to Get a Chronic Disease

Many health experts agree that when you include 5 fruits and 3 vegetables into your diet every day, it's almost impossible to develop a chronic disease.  About 133 million Americans -- nearly 1 out of 2 adults -- live with at least one chronic illness.  The most common chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity,
heart disease and stroke.  One of the causes of chronic diseases is nutritional deficiency.  Only 24% of U.S. adults eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day. (Source: Centers for Disease Control)  With a single green smoothie, you could reach your nutritional quota for the day, and keep chronic diseases away. 

SIDEBAR #2:  "The Most Nutritious Meal on Earth" Costs Less than Your Average Meal!

The average cost of a meal made at home is $3.75 for individuals 19-50 years of age, according to the Official USDA Food Plans (May 2013).  A green smoothie costs only $1.50 to $2.50, depending on the recipe you choose.  And it takes only 3 minutes to make compared to 30 minutes or more for the average meal.  Wouldn't you rather have the "the most nutritious meal on earth" which costs less and takes only 3 minutes to make?  It's a no-brainer.

Why Green Smoothies are Superior to Juices

1.  A juicer extracts the juice of fruits and vegetables, but discards the pulp which contains the all-important fiber.  Green smoothies, on the other hand, liquefies the whole fruit or vegetable, and keeps the fiber in the blend, thereby preserving the fiber.

2.  Drinking juices extracted from vegetables and fruits with high sugar content (such a carrots, dates, bananas, and lychees) spike the body's insulin levels, affect blood sugar levels and lead to an increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  With green smoothies, the fiber slows down the release of natural sugars into the bloodstream.

3.  Green smoothies made with high-powered blenders like Blendtec and Vita-Mix are able to break down the cell walls of the fruits and vegetables, thereby releasing all the nutrients which the body can readily absorb.

4.  Green smoothies retain their freshness longer than juices.  They can be refrigerated for up to a few days without losing much of their nutritional content.  Juices, however, begin oxidizing as soon as the juice has been prepared, and they should therefore, be consumed immediately because the juice's nutritional content significantly deteriorates.

SIDEBAR #4:  Want to Lose a Lot of Weight Fast? 

Replace one or two of your meals a day with a green smoothie (see The Simple Green Smoothie Solution for recipes.)  Most crash diets, low-calorie diets and starvation diets jeopardize your health, and often cause your body to store food as fat instead of burning it for energy.  And forget about those sugar-laden meal replacement drinks and juice diets that do more harm than good!  Green smoothies are NOT a diet.  A green smoothie is liquefied food that is nutrient-dense, and it enables you to lose weight effortlessly -- while enhancing your health at the same time!  TIP
To accelerate your weight loss, add any of these metabolism-boosting ingredients to your green smoothie recipe:  grapefruit, green tea or almonds.  (See the complete list of metabolism-boosting ingredients in The Simple Green Smoothie Solution.)

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